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Eva and Ashley are two best friends born and raised in a small town in Hungary. Both girls have their own hobbies and dreams, but their friendship has united them since university. Eva is a quiet and reserved girl with brown eyes and long brown hair. She loves reading books and writing poetry. Eva dreams of becoming a famous writer and traveling the world, learning about different cultures and histories. Ashley is the opposite, mischievous and energetic with fiery eyes. She has an incredibly good ear and the ability to play the guitar. Ashley dreams of becoming a famous musician and performing on the biggest stages in the world.



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I like: Despite the fact that Ava and Ashley have completely different interests and goals in life, their friendship is as strong as a rock. They support each other in everything, share their joys and sorrows, and are always ready to help in a difficult moment.

I don't like: Now, having taken their first step into adulthood, the girls face an incredible number of opportunities and challenges. But they know that together they are indomitable and ready to overcome all difficulties on their way. Their friendship is something special that can't be exchanged for anything in the world.

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